Halal and Haram in Handling Dogs & Pigs.

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Halal and Haram in Handling Dogs and Pigs – The UPM Case.

Baru-baru ini Tini telah mendapat email ini daripada salah seorang bekas producer 3R, Anna Har. Anna juga telah menerbitkan salah satu episode kami bertajuk Woolf, Woolf, Meow, Meow (musim ke -12)yang mana 3R membincangkan tentang tangungjawab seorang pemilik haiwan peliharaan dan tugas kita menjaga kebajikan haiwan-haiwan semua.

Tini tak pasti sama ada anda pernah menerima email berserta gambar-gambar seorang penuntut veterinary bertudung memengang anjing dan khinzir. Gambar-gambar tersebut telah menimbulkan pelbagai reaksi masyarakat. Tini ingin berkongsi di sini, email yang datangnya dari seorang veterinary muslim dari Universiti Putra Malaysia. Disini beliau menerangkan segala kemusykilan dan kecurigaan yang mungkin anda semua hadapi berkenaan dengan isu ini.

Apa yang pasti, kita sebagai khalifah Allah mempunyai tangungjawan besar dalam menjaga kebajikan makhluk Allah, tak kira apa jenis binatang, flora dan fauna.

Harapan ini, article dibawah dapat membuka mata dan minda kita, dan sama-sama mendapat manfaat darinya.

The e-mail is from a Malay Muslim Veterinarian based in Universiti Putra
Malaysia .
~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

To all those who are concerned, I wish you all the best and pray that you are in the good graces of the Almighty and Most Merciful Allah.

I feel drawn to share with you what I have to say about certain pictures now being circulated in group websites and forums in the internet of a Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University Putra Malaysia Malay Muslim student who has posed for photos whilst being in a pig sty and handling both dogs and pigs!

I am writing this e-mail at length in the hope that my explanations will be understood clearly and not misinterpreted.

NEVERTHELESS, to those who do not have the time to spare to read this,its enough for me to state that:


There is no injunction that says that it is forbidden to touch dogs and pigs. What is forbidden is for Muslims to eat the meat of swine and any animals that have fangs.  We need to be clear about what Islam’s views are about these animals.
Both of them are amongst the Creations of Allah and Allah would not create anything in vain. In fact, each creation of Allah has a significant role to play in this life.
Has Allah created the dog and pig to be viewed with disdain by His Ummah?

Before continuing with this discourse, please allow me to introduce myself.
I am a graduate Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, year 2006. I am now continuing my Master of Physiology, first semester studies in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UPM.
I studied at the Kuala Selangor Islamic Secondary School before this.

I might not be the best person to explain about this for there are better individuals who are Islamic scholars who could give in depth explanations about the subject matter together with the relevant verses and their detailed translations.

Even then, I will do my best to share with you from my limited Islamic knowledge and from what I have learned from my personal discussions with the learned religious teachers in seminars that we have held in our own faculty with regard to this issue.

Firstly, as a Veterinary Doctor (@  Animal Doctor), it is part and parcel of our duties to carry out treatment of dogs or pigs. For those of us who work as Veterinary Doctors, or Vets in short, in Animal Clinics, most of us have to treat dogs and cats.

Even then, there are those who limit their treatments to just cats.

As for pigs, usually no Muslim Vets will choose to work in those farms.
Those who work in the Department of Veterinary Services at times have to visit the pig farms to ensure that the farms concerned practice good farming procedures and management in order to be free from contagious diseases such as the Nipah virus which wreaked havoc in 1999 and threatened the lives of human beings.

There are also Vets working in the laboratories who have to process samples coming from pigs or dogs such as their blood, faeces or anything else derived from them.

Hence, in the curriculum of the Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, students will be involved in handling dogs and pigs. Starting with practical studies of the organs of such animals in the study of the anatomy and physiology subjects to the extent of handling,treatment and carrying out postmortem examinations of such animals in depth upon entering the pre-clinical and clinical years.

In general, I agree with the term of ‘desensitization’ used by someone who e-mailed merecently. As veterinarians, this desensitization is necessary for us to not feel disgusted when treating our animal patients for it is our responsibility and also part of our oath that we recite when we graduate.

Upon entering Year 4, a veterinary student will have to follow the introduction to clinic subject and clinical subjects in Year 5. In both these subjects, students will be divided into small teams..These teams will taketurns to carry out practical work in the prescribed activities. They have to carry out practical studies for a week on each subject. These practical studies involve the treatment of pets such as dogs and also the pig rearing industry. They have to visit pig farms to carry out observations, diagnose diseases and carry out treatment procedures.

From what I have seen, the pictures being circulated through the internet are those of a UPM veterinary student taken during her practical studies at the pig farms and clinical studies.

It is my opinion that the student posed for such pictures publicly not to insult the Islamic Faith or anyone but to share an experience that not many in the general public might go through!

Regarding the issue of touching, holding and treating dogs and pigs that are categorised as ‘Najis Mukhallazah’ (Severe Najis) according to Islamic Fiqh, its not actually ‘HARAM’ as understood by most Malay Muslims. Many ask me how as a Muslim I can touch dogs and pigs which are forbidden to be touched?

According to the Fiqh of Islamic Knowledge that I studied since my Islamic primary school up to the secondary school, the touching of
‘Najis Mukhallazah’ is not ‘haram:’

·         What is taught in the Fiqh Laws are when we have touched ‘Najis Mukhallazah’.
·         we are to purify ourselves with carrying out the ‘samak procedure’ which  is to wash the affected areas 7 times.
·         Once with water mixed with pure earth and then to rinse it off 6 times with pure water.

What is haram with regard to dogs and pigs is the consumption of their meat and by products, not touching them. As a Malay, I understand the views of the Malay society who feel squeamish or disgusted about dogs and pigs. This might have come about from the traditions of our forefathers who tried their level best to avoid touching dogs and pigs for their aversion to have to cleanse and purify themselves when such a situation occurs and would affect their acts of ibadah.

I myself, even after being clear about the rules regarding the touching of dogs and pigs, felt awkward and squeamish when I held a pig’s heart for the first time, what more when I had to lift a dog to be placed upon the examining table where the technique calls for me to hold the dog close to myself as it is the safest technique to avoid injury to the animal in the lifting process. Still, we need to be clear about what is Islam’s view with regard to these two animals, created by Allah the Almighty.

Did Allah create the dog and pig to be reviled and loathed as severe ‘najis’?

If so, why then is there the Islamic decree in Fiqh that states any prey caught and killed by trained hunting dogs as ‘halal’ to be consumed provided the hunter makes the intention in his or her heart for the sake of Allah when releasing the hunting dog or dogs or bird of prey ? What about the story of the prostitute who was forgiven by Allah of all her sins and entered into Paradise solely on the basis of her good deed in feeding a dog dying of thirst with water that she took by climbing down a well using her shoe?

Dogs and pigs are also creatures of Allah and included amongst the responsibilities of mankind who have been appointed as the Khalifahs of Allah upon this Earth. As such, they too like humans need food when hungry, drink when thirsty, treatment when sick even though the priorities differ when the situation warrants choosing between them and humans.

Thus, I see what is being studied by the veterinarians relating to dogs and pigs including the obligations to treat them is included in Fardhu Kifayah and fulfills a part of mankind’s responsibilities as the Khalifahs of Allah! Nevertheless, it is still the responsibility of the veterinarian to know the do’s and don’ts of the Islamic faith in his or her career.

Muslim veterinarians and veterinary medical students need to be careful and not be lackadaisical in their observing the cleanliness and purity of their physical selfs and attire so as not to render their ibadah null and void because they failed to avoid contamination of such severe najis upon themselves. The best way for such veterinarians and veterinary medical students to avoid such complications is to separate their work clothes and their normal attire, especially their clothings which they use for prayer. This is to avoid damage to such clothings used in prayer for such attire will be damaged if purified through the ‘samak’ procedures.
Civilians ought not to worry because such filth is not contagious.

It means that if a vet just washes his or her hands after work but has not purified their hands through the ‘samak’ procedure, such a situation still does not promote contagion when, or if, you have to shake their hands. The essence of colour, smell and taste is no longer there for they have washed off their hands but still the vet needs to carry out the ‘samak’ process before prayer.

The same situation can occur when a Muslim has to shake the hands of a Non Muslim who rears dogs at home. What about those who have stepped on dog poo or stepped upon grounds that have been trod upon by dogs and pigs? One does not have to worry too particularly, especially if there is no essence of the three
criteria to suggest the presence of such severe najis -colour, smell and traces.

There are suggestions by several ustazs to purify the whole body through the ‘samak procedure once in a while for the civilian Muslim population and once a month for the veterinarians. This is if the essence of the Najis Mukhallazah is feared to be present on their persons but not detectable. They can then be purified thoroughly by carrying out the ‘samak’ process regularly. Still, this is just my opinion and not an obligation upon all those who have doubts as to the state of their purity and personal cleanliness.

Actually, there have been many questions that have been raised regarding Muslim veterinarians who have to treat racehorses? What is the Islamic law regarding it? How about the treatment fees received? Isit halal?

The same goes to the matter of a Muslim veterinarian who provides services and advice in improving the pig farming industry. What’s the Islamic law regarding that? What about the vet who has to carry out a lengthy corrective surgery on dogs and pigs to the stage that he or she misses their prayers?

Can it be considered to be the same as carrying out surgery on humans where the prayers can be shortened and carried out together in ‘jamak and qasar’?

There are lots of other questions coming from civilians, between us veterinarians and the veterinary students that I cannot be answered due to my limited religious knowledge. I figure that the same situation occurs or will occur in your career if you truly seek for the answers. This is because Islam is the complete way of life and it covers all elements of living and the beauty of it is that, true Islam already has all the answers to our predicaments and situations. It is up to us to study, research and understand what Islam has to say about anything by observing the guidelines and teachings of those who are learned and are knowledgeable in the faith.

Lastly, as Muslims, let us take responsibility to correct the misunderstanding of our Ummah especially those involving the Malays with regard to this very sensitive and disturbing issue. This matter is often raised by the Non Muslims who are quite concerned about animal welfare.

One of my seniors in his final year project regarding animal welfare, conducted a poll of opinions. Among the questions asked were :

·         ‘If you saw a dog that had its legs trapped, would you help by freeing it?’
·         Give reasons for each of your answers.

As a Muslim, I felt sad and ashamed when I saw one answer stating :
‘No, because I am a Muslim.’

This scenario has to change for as Muslims, we need to take care of three relationships:

1.   Our relationship with Almighty Allah
2.   Our relationship with our fellow human beings
3.   Our relationship with our fellow creatures on Earth

Verily, Islam is pure and simple. Everything relating to our existence here on Earth has already been revealed to us through the Last Testament of Allah (The Holy Al-Qur’an Al Karim) and the Hadiths and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

We need to delve into the Revelations, seek and find the answers to all our needs, understand, implement and put them to practice in our lives. Verily, all Knowledge belongs to Allah, the Most Learned, Most Aware.

May this article be beneficial to all. Ameen.

Thank you.
Dr. Mohd Dzulhamka Kamaluddin
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti Putra Malaysia .

Checked by:
Prof. Dr. Rasedee Abdullah
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
Universiti Putra Malaysia

You may find this article even more interesting. Go to The UPM Case:
Halal & Haram

Dr Mohamed Rafick Khan bin Abdul Rahman

I have been following the story of the construction of a centralised and modern pig farm in Kampung Tumbuk in Kuala Langat and how the issue of religious sensitivity and racial cards have been played by the opposition (i.e. the BN people) in Selangor.

The issue also appears to have been made worse by the lopsided reporting by the Malay newspaper which obviously is trying to incite racial sentiments. Please allow me to share my views, as a Muslim, on the matter.
The Babi and the narrow-minded politicians who call themselves Muslims from an Islamic perspective. In Islam, the eating of swine is forbidden. This is clearly demonstrated in many verses of the Quran.
Among others these include: [1] 5:3, 6:145, 16:114-115; [2] 2:168-169, 3:93-94, 6:119, 10:59; [3] 5:90-91.

My research has failed to find any evidence that suggests that the religion does not allow Muslims to be standing next to, to look at or to smell a pig. Maybe some people in authority can highlight further on this issue. First of all, I am appalled at the narrow-minded politicians who made the issue of building a centralised and modern pig farming an issue. It is beyond doubt that the real issue here is economy, environmental pollution and improving quality of life in the surrounding community. The opposition (BN) are making a mockery of this just because of political mileage. I feel when something good is being done; it should be promoted by all parties.

I have travelled to St Louis, USA which is also known as the pork capital of the world. I have visited and stood 3 feet away from a pig pen. There was no smell. It was so damn clean. It is even cleaner than
public toilets in Malaysia . How many of these politicians have visited such a farm and how many are involved in goat farming in Malaysia? While the goat is Halal in Malaysia, please enter any of the farms in Malaysia and you will see how dirty they are. Islam only prohibits the eating of pork. There is no prohibition
against looking at or standing next to a pig. In fact, I have yet to find anywhere in the Quran where it says that Muslims are prevented from rearing them.

During my 15 months’ tour of duty with the UN in Cambodia, I saw many Malay Champa, who are devout Muslims, rear pigs under their houses for economic reasonsbut they do not eat them. From an economic perspective, it is better to rear pigs than cows or goats. It is simply more profitable. The pregnancy duration is about 112-115 days compared to goats which is about 150 days or a cow, 290 days. At the end of each pregnancy, the pig produces between 12- 15 piglets, the goat 1 or 2 kids and the cow just 1 calf. From an environmental perspective, it is definitely better to have a central farm where small farmers join hands and run one big and clean farm. This way the cleanliness of our water ways will be maintained. Waste management will become the epicentre of the operation. It is more economical to run one big farm than many small farms that are polluting.Overall it is a win-win situation for everyone.

It is insulting the way some politicians look at the issue. I believe from an Islamic perspective it is quite clear. It is the narrow-minded politicians that played up the matterthat makes it into a Muslim and non-Muslim issue and tried to create a bigger racial divide among Malaysians. Sometimes I wonder, which has the lower image, the babi or these politicians. For that aspect, I respect the position taken by
PAS on this matter. It has shown that it has handled the issues properly. I ask all level-minded Malaysians to re-look at the ‘Babi’ issue again. Study the real issues properly and make a proper
judgment. Overall, it will benefit Malaysians from the economic, environmental and quality of life perspective.

Dr Mohamed Rafick Khan bin Abdul Rahman


  1. nad / August 28, 2009 at 5:01 pm /

    saya rasa mmg xsalah klau untuk tujuan pembelajaran atau pun belas ihsan..bkan susah pun nk samak slpas menyentuh haiwan tersebut..satu perkara yg saya pelajari , tidak batal air smyg atau tidak perlu disamak sekiranya semasa menyentuh haiwan tersebut, tapak tangan kita berada di dalam keadaan kering. tetapi wajib samak sekiranya tgn dalam keadaan basah semasa menyentuh dan kalau terkena air liur haiwan tersebut pun kena samak.jika ape yg saya bgtau nie salah, harap perbetulkan.

  2. Muslimah / August 28, 2009 at 5:25 pm /

    Ass…yg sYe phM kleW Dua2 kerinG x PE pegang…KLEw Slh stu BAsAh KNe laaaa..Ckp psl anjing..SapEr kt cni peNAh kJR DEk AnjiNg??????? JUz Tnye Jerrrr..SYE Pnh Kne Kjr nGn anjing,,,Nk jDi Kan Cte..KWn sYe Ajk lah g NgoRat seseOwg ni3h..Kmi jLn blknG dI3r..Jln pUnya Jln,,x tHU plk seBlh ade Anjing..Sye Pown Pndng anjIng Tueh..Ape Lgiiii LAngKAh SerIbu dibuat nY3rrrrrrr..X ckUP TnAh…Mlu bEtul sye Ngn genG2 tuuuuuu…Ckap psl HARAM nieeh tringt plk H1N1..Ape PndPt KORAng…Juz Tnyee Jerrr..

  3. dyean / August 29, 2009 at 3:57 am /

    mentaliti org melayu yg sempit, takut sangat dengan khinzir n anjing..
    saya malu nk mengaku melayu disebabkan sikap segelintir org melayu ni..
    nama je islam, tp xtau betapa lengkapnye islam ni..
    org melayu kene lebih terbuka fikiran diorg, mahu mendalami ilmu n x sekadar menjadi hero kampung semata2..

  4. Muslimah / August 29, 2009 at 8:28 am /

    u go GuRlz!!tPi KeBnYkn Nyerrrrr MelaYU NI3h IsLam Ats NaMe Jerrr..Yg m3MbezaKn Kta nGN KafIr kan SemBAhYang x SemBhyanG jerrrrrrr…

  5. kiroro / August 30, 2009 at 11:06 am /

    slm,, sy pn rasa x slh cuma tpulang pada niat individu tsebut soal haram halal ini bgantung pada keadaan dan situasi.. sesnguhnya ALLAH itu maha mengetahui,,

  6. manja / September 3, 2009 at 4:05 pm /

    omg ! mem dh bnyk berlaku bende ni !

  7. Selina / September 7, 2009 at 1:30 pm /

    Terima kasih di atas penjelasan oleh pihak berkenaan. Bagi saya, tidak salah asalkan tahu batasannya. Terima kasih 3R! :D

  8. fiq / October 5, 2009 at 2:01 pm /

    semua binatang perlukan kasih sayang. mana2 yg boleh memudaratkan kiter boleh pertahankan diri kita dgn apa2 yang termampu. nak pegang anjing & babi memang tak salah langsung. lagi2 kalau nampak anak anjing. kan tome2 belaka. Dah pegang bersihkanlah ikut syarat2nya. coz tangan kita kan sentiasa berpeluh. Nak bela anjing pun boleh, tapi tertakluk pada syarat2nya iaitu untuk menjaga perternakan atau tanaman atau keselamatan sahaja. lain2 x dibolehkan.

  9. AsAp / October 23, 2009 at 9:35 pm /

    betul 2….nak bela anjing mmg blh tapi tok tujuan menjaga pnternakan, tanaman atau keselamatan…
    apa yg confuse kat cni fatwa mana yng ckap BLH PEGANG BABI???
    walaupun tgn kta ngn babi 2 sama2 kering, tetap jatuh haram jgk. xboleh pegang..
    jgn cepat terpengaruh nagn benda2 camni k…

  10. RyuZaki / October 23, 2009 at 10:42 pm /

    kenapa anjing dan babi haram?

    Setiap perkara yg diharamkan oleh Allah SWT ada hikmah disebaliknya samada kita tahu atau pun tidak.kita boleh sebut mcm2 hikmah spt ada kuman dan sbgnya namun hakikat pengharaman itu kerana sabit di dalam al-Quran dan al-Hadis bahawasanya dua binatang ini diharamkan oleh Allah kepada manusia.kalau tidak ada ayat yg melarang maka hukumnya harus.boleh je kalau nk makan.kerana kaedah usul fiqh menyebut asal sesuatu itu harus kecuali ada dalil yg mengharamkannya..

    Soal semua makhluk selawat ke atas Allah dan Rasul tidak menjadi masalah kerana pengharamnya adalah kepada kita bukan kepada Allah.Maksudnya di sisi Allah binatang yg dijadikan adalah sama.pengharamnya itu kepada kita manusia.hukum itu ke atas kita.walaupun babi dan anjing itu haram dimakan namun kita tidak boleh sewenang-wenangnya menyakiti kedua binatang ini.mentang2la dia haram kita buat khianat dkt dia.sepak atau sbgnya.ini dilarang dlm Islam.maknanya masih terjaga kehormatannya dlm Islam..

  11. JD / November 29, 2009 at 1:38 pm /

    Thanks Doc for the effort.

    I bet you my pinky that you’re hot – being an intelect. Smart women are sexy. Mind my shallow and chauvinist-pricky language.

    We have to be learnt to understand and be a good Muslim. We have to comprehend physically and spiritually about Islam. Lucky us.

    I spent most of my adult life in Japan. My Japanese friends question my not eating those fat-full porks. I gave them scientific explanation; being a learnt Muslim myself. They gave me hard times by telling me that the poor ugly thing is clean i.e. eating apple and s#!% etc. I ask ‘would you eat your own s#!% even if you know that you only consume apples?’

    That’s when you use your heart instead of your head. Either you believe or you dont.

    Prophet Muhammad made it clear that God didn’t create Islam to burden the Ummah.

    The deed was good. But why being Romans when you’re not even in Rome.

    We are in Malaysia. Forgive those who are not learnt.

    But look at those pictures again, and look hard. Why you have to take those friggin pictures? I’d spank my girlfriend if I saw her doing that – with those glittery eyes and no hesitation at all. Your mother wont be happy. Even how hard you explain.

    Why being ignorant and insensitive? You are smart people. You dont even consider to apologize. Instead you ramble to prove you right, and start labelling people.

    C’mon Doc.

    P.S. Tini, thank you for taking my lil’ sis to be your apprentice. She loves you so much.

  12. zr / December 2, 2009 at 6:49 pm /

    tahniah! bernas dan berasas tulisan dr vet. kalau lah ramai Muslim lain baca dan fahami nya. menurut pandangan peribadi saya sendiri, sebenarnya Muslim Melayu yang amat keras tentangan kepada babi dan anjing dalam apa jua hal (peliharaan, sentuhan, dsb). Hal ini mungkin kerana didikan yang lama diperturunkan. tanpa menelusuri hukum hakam di dalam al-Qur’an, haiwan seperti babi dan anjing dijatuhkan hukum HARAM dalam semua perkara. padahal kita hanya haram makan babi (sebagai contoh) dan hukum menyentuh adalah najis mughallazah dn tiada pun hukum mengambil gambar atau mendekati mereka.

    ada perkara yang dibolehkan apabila keadaan memerlukan. sebagai contoh bayangkan anda sesat di hutan; tiada makanan, tiada haiwan lain yang boleh dijadikan makanan keculi babi atau biawak? bukankah Allah membenarkannya atas sebab menyambung nyawa?

    dan sedikit komen mengenai poll yang senior anda jalankan, di mana salah satu jawapan nya ialah “No because i’m a Muslim”– sangatlah menyedihkan, mengecewakan dan mengaibkan Islam. patutkah seekor anjing yang juga makhluk Tuhan dibiarkan begitu? tidak mungkin Allah menciptakan anjing dan babi untuk tidak dipedulikan, tidak disayangi dan yang utama tidak bernilai nyawa nya?

    orang Melayu sangat cepat melatah (seperti saya juga), tapi isu berat sebegini harus lah didalami dan ditimbang sebaik-baiknya sebelum apa2 diputuskan. yang utama, manusia hanya lah manusia; tdak layak menjatuhkan hukum kecuali dengan rujukan dan dalil yang sahih dari al-Quran dan al-Sunnah.

    seperkara lagi, imbas lah kisah Qitmir, anjing yang dijanjikan syurga.

    ini hanalah pandangan peribadi saya, segala silap dan salah harap dimaafkan.

  13. qemmal / December 16, 2009 at 11:46 pm /

    thanks tini for sharing this info!

    dogs and pigs.people like me will avoid to go near or touch them. but as for vet, i understand that its within their job scope to touch pigs and dogs.

    its like a male doctor and a female patient.in general, it is haram for a male to touch a women.but let look at the labor room,most of the doctors are male and it is their job to treat the mothers. am i giving the right example?

    haha.anyway,nice article!

  14. AkIRa / January 25, 2010 at 7:19 pm /

    (im malay/indian and a madrasah student..)i really enjoyed reading the article… wish that they post more article like this..the malay muslim society should do more critical thinking than going all about how wrong it is to do this and that…(al-islam diinun yusrun)..it means that the islamic religion is an easy religion..the beauty of islam is in its simplicity..May Allah ess you all…let the world see how beautiful islam is..!!

  15. Ibn Karim / February 22, 2010 at 6:22 pm /

    salam all,
    ok pertama sx kta harus ‘define’ antra najis ngn haram, najis kna basuh smpi ilang warna,rasa dan bau dan kalo najis lak cth najis berat (mughalazah) cm babi, anjing (air liur) atau kulit haiwan kena samak/sertu yakni disucikan dgn 6x basuhan air mutlak dan 1x air tanah dan haram lak adlh haram dimkn yakni daging babi/anjing apa. Pendapat kes di ats (tmsuk Dr. vet tsebut) sbnrnya didokong oleh para ulama’ bermazhab Maliki, bg Muslim Malaysia khasnya pegangan mazhab Syafie adlh mazhab rasmi bg negara kita dan sudah mjd ikutan rasmi secara turun temurun dr bergenerasi. So pegangan mazhab nih berubah mengikut keadaan dan tempat (berdasarkn 1 kisah Imam Syafie tdk membaca qunut bila mengimamkan solat subuh di 1 masjid di Baghdad di mana di dlmnya terdapat makam Imam Hanafi, alasannya bg menghormati tuan tempat ini). The things is najis is najis, xbdosa pn. Nk sentuh anjing sentuhla, najis bleh cuci. Kta amik pkiraan mudah cm kta pgang taik la, kalo pgang taik haram, xbleh lah istinjak. As-Syafie xkata pn haram, dia kata najis so takde masalah pn. Lagipn, tdpt byk hadis yg menunjukkan Rasulullah SAW xbminat sgt kt anjing. Dgn bhsa yg lebih mudah, tak sunnah pn. Cma yg mjd psoalan skang knapa pdpt Maliki yg mjd pegangan, kta pn x dituntut bertaklid pd mazhab cma diharuskn berpegang pd pdpt yg rajih/kuat lgpn suma nih hyalah pkara khilaf yakni para fuqaha lebih bpdpt pkara khilaf nih kalo bleh cba jauhi sma cm pkara syubhah pn kta kna jauhi kalo dh was2. So kalo apa yg kta wat tuh ikut mazhab lain, bnda dh jd btentangan adat yakni org tgk kta seolah tkuar dr adat. Slah tuh x slah, cma jd perkara aneh lah ttba rumah Muslim ada anjing lak tkut bnda akn tjd fitnah lbih truk fitnah pd agama nauzubillah. Bdasarkn pdpt ulama’2 lain mreka simpulkan sama sahaja yakni selain memburu (said), pengawal (hirasah), yg lain2 selain kategori tadi haram mengikut hadis yg bermaksud:

    “Sesiapa yang memelihara anjing akan berkurangan pahalanya dua qirat pada setiap hari melainkan anjing menjaga binatang ternakan, anjing buruan dan anjing menjaga tanaman.” (Hr Muslim dan Nasaie – Sahih)

    Nota: 1 qiraat bersamaan pahala setinggi gunung Uhud, wallahu’alam

  16. nis / February 23, 2010 at 3:49 am /

    in my opinion, jgn la wat sesuatu yg bolehmendatangkan fitnah, walaupun perkara tu xsalah langsung.
    people keep on judging..yg ade depth thinking n understand the matter, ok la..but for those yg xtau pape, what else in their mind??

  17. pen / April 14, 2010 at 10:59 pm /

    ye sy stuju ngn nis.bak kate ayah sy ‘kdg2 wlaupun satu bnda tu xharam,tp bla dibuat dan mendatangkan umpat keji org lain,itu je dah dikira haram’. kalau betul pun nak pegang anjing,babi atas dasar pembelajaran,perlu ke gambar2 tersebut disebarkan.dan kalau sy xsilap siap senyum2 gembira lagi pegang binatang2 tu.sy bukan la berfikiran sempit, tp jangan disebabkan anda2 semua ‘doktor haiwan’ boleh pegang dengan gembira dan tunjuk kat orang lain ‘wes korang kitorang boleh pegang2 peluk binatang ni,ade ALASAN.korang xboleh.wek’. dan skali lagi maafkan sy doktor dia atas, sy xstuju dgn kenyataan ‘THERE’S NO PROBLEM WITH THOSE PICTURES! ye ade yg SALAH.btw, x,sy bukan org yg bg komen tp sbenarnye ‘xskolah’ or ‘xpandai’.just nak bg komen sje2.sy pelajar pergigian tahun 4.sekian

  18. ady shah / April 17, 2010 at 2:38 pm /

    emm, logik ke orang islam bergambar dengan anjing dan babi?nak belajar memang lah boleh,tapi kalau setakat nak tangkap gambar bermesra alam dengan anjing or babi pada pendapat saya memang sukar nak diterima akal sebagai muslim/muslimah. Kenalah jaga sensitiviti islam tu sendiri. Elakkan perkara yang boleh menimbulkan fitnah dan yang meragukan,
    Allah maha Mengetahui

  19. DOL Benar / June 29, 2010 at 4:28 pm /

    Biar benar…….Esok saya nak order 1000 ekor babi nak pelihara buat duit di kampong. Tak payah kadang, biar babi ni cari makan di merata kampong. O.K tak ? Agriculture is business and BABI IS BUSNISS.

  20. Fikir.. / July 14, 2010 at 1:24 am /

    Asalamualaikum .. sekadar pendapat , Kalau ya pun tak salah… perlu ke bergambar sampai macamtu?

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